news story

Here's a news story: World's Scientists Admit They Just Don't Like Mice.

Nearly 700 scientists representing 27 countries convened at the University of Zurich Monday to formally announce that their experimentation on mice has been motivated not by a desire to advance human knowledge, but out of sheer distaste for the furry little rodents....According to a 500-word statement, scientists hate mice for "their beady little eyes," "their repulsive tails," and "the annoying little squeaking sounds they make."

Historical lunatics

If you've ever wondered, here's a quiz to find out what historical lunatic you are! I'm the beloved Charles the Mad: "When a raving lunatic ran up to your entourage spouting an incoherent prophecy of doom, you were unsettled enough to slaughter four of your best men when a page dropped a lance. Your hair and nails fell out." So that's something.

I'm Charles the Mad. Sclooop.
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

The unbearable sadness of vegetables

Jenny has left me to take her break. My global hour of chat has finally ended and I'm ready to blog. Where is everyone? :) So here's an entry from the Gallery of Regrettable Food on the Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables. (Ha ha. Someone just got himself trapped in the construction area of the KC. Just heard a pitiful little knock and he was standing behind the glass doors all shame-facedly.)

Life is just a sweet, perishable thing dropped in the uncaring wastelands of ice and snow and sunless skies.

hooray for bess!

yey bess! i ate WAY too many chips at the party. hooray for valerie for hosting. her apartment gets prettier and prettier every time i'm there.

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hey kids. welcome to the blog. its up and running for only FOUR hours so get cracking. keri and i are going to find as much good stuff as we can in as little time as possible. its like the 40 hour novel, only its a 4 hour blog.